【News Release 】Photocatalyst coated flooring “Air Wash Flooring” was provedeffective against COVID-19.

2021年6月5日 投稿者: 株式会社 日東

News Release                                                                                                               June, 2021

Photocatalyst coated flooring “Air Wash Flooring” was proved

effective against COVID-19.

– Safe and comfortable house without viruses-

My name is Soichiro Higashi, the president of Nitto Flooring, the company located in Miyakonojo-shi, Miyazaki.

Nitto Flooring was established 70 years ago. It is a flooring manufacture continuously processing cypress logs produced in Kyusyu area from cutting, manufacturing to coating.

I imagine that COVID-19 pandemic has caused you a lot of stress due to not being able to fully engage in your work. Please stay safe.

In Miyazaki prefecture where we are located, Covid-19 pandemic still has an overwhelming impact and is inhibiting us from going out for non-essential reasons. Therefore, time to stay at home is increasing more than ever before not only for businessmen but also to all generations from children to elderly.

In this situation, children play on the floor laying them down on it while their mother and father work remotely at home. You must worry not to take the viruses home and spread it.

I would like to inform that National Agricultural Research Organization proved that Nitto Flooring’s photocatalyst coated flooring “Air Wash Flooring” can reduce 99.9% of bovine coronavirus receiving light emission from the normal sun light and room light (refer to pages 5 to 7 of the PPT material).

We also have tested with new corona virus (COVID-19) taken from the hotel where a COVID-19 cluster was detected and found that it was effectively reduced (Refer to the page 8 in the separate PPT material). We are also in the middle of the test of virus reduction at Miyazaki University and Biomedical Science Association (MBSA).

Air Wash Flooring is an innovative flooring produced from the photocatalyst coating, which was developed in an industry-academic-government project including Well Create Corporation, Kyushu Institute of Technology, and Kitakyushu municipal government, and our domestic solid wood hard coat flooring, a 6H hardness tested with JIS pencil hardness test.

When “Air Wash flooring” receives sun light, LED light or fluorescent light, influenza virus, norovirus, mold, and bacteria are inactivated and food and pet odor reduces.

In addition, we also succeeded in decomposing VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), which causes various allergy reaction to children.

Recently, our photocatalyst coated flooring was introduced in a booklet called *1″STOP Infection! Advanced Solution Guide Book” published by the Association for Resilience Japan. The booklet was distributed to municipal governments all over Japan as most updated technological countermeasures against COVID-19 (refer to the separate sheet).

Furthermore, Air Wash Flooring was selected in a “technology and products that are expected to expand demand in the next few years” in the Forestry Policy Council*2 of Forestry Agency.

We appreciate your assistance to let Air Wash Flooring, which takes the most updated advantages of photocatalytic technology, know to many people as a countermeasure against viruses in the next stage.

We are expecting from our heart that we will be able to regain our normal healthy and bright society as soon as possible.

Separate sheet

*1     Association for Resilience Japan aims to build a resilient nation by creating ideas for utilizing strategies not only in emergencies but also in normal times, exerting the maximum synergistic effect, by gathering experts from the industry, government, academia, and private organizations for the smooth operation of “National Resilience Basic Plan” based on the outcome from the “National Resilience Council”, a private advisory organization of the minister of Association of National Resilience Japan.

*2     “The Forestry Council” is an advisory organization of Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries established to investigate and discuss important issues including the formulation of the basic plan for forest and forestry and the preparation of the forest and forestry based on Article 29 of the “Forest and Forestry Basic Act” (Low No.161 of 1964).

Air Wash Flooring, photocatalyst coated flooring

Available wood type — National lumber (Japanese cypress and cedar) *National lumber includes local wood on request.

          Imported wood (southwest cherry tree, northeast birch, oak) ←NEW to be released in July, 2021.

– NETIS registered product (new technology information system of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)   No. QS-140001-A

– Eco Premium Certified (by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

– 2019 Japan Wood Design Award

About Us

Our aim is to provide various private and public facilities including houses, hospitals, schools and facilities of health and welfare with solutions to improve air cleanliness in interior spaces by making technical advancement on the photocatalytic technology, the technology of which the Japanese are proud, changing it to a visible light-responsive type. Focusing on multi-functional, visible light-sensitive photocatalyst “Air Wash Flooring”, we will bring “health and welfare to everyone” as a goal of SDGs by creating safe and comfort interior spaces. In addition, we also aim to “protect the life on land”, which is one of the SDGs goals, by tackling CO2 reduction and by promoting the sylvatic cycle (from cutting to planting) by making the solid wood flooring and walls from the forest occupying 70% of our land for achieving the goal “a society with wood”.

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