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Floor is an important element for constructing your home interior. That is why we put emphasis on it beautiful design and quality. We have a wide variety of products lineups from Air Wash Premium series in which photocatalyst coated flooring cleans air, to Excellent series.

PREMIUM seriesPremium photocatalyst series (Air Wash)

A new idea that “the floor cleans air”. Premium photocatalyst series (Air Wash Hinoki, cedar, southwest cherry, northeast birch cherry, and oak) clean the air (deodorant, decomposition, and antibacteria) inside a room with fluorescent light or LED’s weak light.

Excellent series

You can choose from a variety of lineups including zelkova, chestnut, teak, black walnut, quince, etc.

Construction flooring Flooring for special works

Flooring for special construction such as in the public facilities or schools. You can choose from Hinoki, pine, and cherry tree.

- How to Care -

Maintenance of flooring

Here are how to take care of the flooring in everyday life and some cautions using it.

Normal maintenance

  1. For regular maintenance, please use a vacuum cleaner or wipe using a dry cloth. Avoid cleaning with water if possible. (When cleaning with water, wring out the washcloth thoroughly before use.)
  2. Regularly cleaning with water may cause the surface material to crack.
  3. If you spill water, wipe it dry immediately. Please note that leaving spit water unattended may cause the flooring to warp.
  4. Use a cloth wet with diluted mild detergent when the floor is very dirty. After wiping the dirt, use a clean dust cloth wet with water to wipe such portion again.
  5. When marked with a crayon and / or a marker, use dedicated cleaner or something similar to wipe it off.
  6. Do not scratch the floor as dirt may permeate from the scratched parts. (If you want to move a chair or something similar, lift it and then move it.)
  7. This product is Muku flooring that is made from natural wood material. Natural wood absorbs and discharges moisture in air. It contracts when it is dry and expands in wet seasons. That means it can retain moisture and adjust it leading to provide a comfortable environment.

Other cautions

  1. Do not expose the floor to the direct heat from an electric heating carpet, a fan heater, and a stove. It may cause making gaps, warpage, or the surface breakage. Use a mat with high insulation if you use one of these heaters.
  2. The surface of the flooring may deteriorate sooner when the flooring is exposed to direct sunlight and in places where there is a risk of rainwater blowing in from outside. Use curtains and blinds to protect the flooring from the direct sunlight. and be careful not to blow rainwater on a daily basis.